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Century Bank and Trust makes estate planning easy. No matter what age you are, Century can assist you in all of our estate planning needs.

Anyone who owns property—a home, a car, bank accounts, investments, collectibles, personal belongings, etc. -- needs an estate plan.  Century Bank and Trust understands that a comprehensive estate plan can reduce the potential impact of estate taxes and ensure your wealth is distributed according to your wishes. We will help you develop a strategy that safeguards your assets and ensures a smooth and successful transfer.  In settling an estate, we provide discreet, responsive service, along with the professional expertise required to stay abreast of the complexities of estate administration.We will work closely with your legal and financial advisors to simplify what might otherwise prove a prolonged process and expedite the distribution of your assets.

Estate Planning Services 

Before choosing someone to serve as an executor, give serious consideration to the following duties that will need to be performed to settle your estate.

  • Collects and provides safekeeping for the estate’s assets
  • Notifies creditors and pay any valid debts
  • Collects any sums owed to the estate
  • File claims for retirement plan, Social Security, and veteran’s benefits
  • Manages the estate’s assets
  • Sells assets, as directed, to pay estate expenses or legacies
  • Keeps detailed record of all estate transactions and submits records to beneficiaries and/or probate court
  • Distributes assets to beneficiaries
  • Files decedent’s final federal income-tax return
  • Chooses tax year for the estate
  • Files the estate’s income-tax returns
  • Files state death-tax returns
  • Completes and files the federal estate-tax return


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