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Cash Management Services

Business Cash Management Services at Century Bank and Trust

We can help you manage your cash balances, streamline your payroll process, invest your earnings, help detect check fraud and retrieve information on accounts.

Today’s economy demands that businesses maintain tighter control. Our cash management services provide the flexibility to assist in meeting the challenges you face every day with services adapted to meet your needs. In choosing a local community bank to work with, not only are you getting a great account, you will always get the great local service you deserve.

Let one of our cash management specialists customize a plan that is designed specifically for your business. Contact the Cash Management Department Toll Free at 866-680-2265 to get started today.

Business Checking Accounts
Ideal for businesses seeking no balance requirements and moderate account activity, or accounts with higher check volume that can enjoy the opportunity to offset fees with earnings credit. Let us help you pick the account best suited for your business needs.

Business Savings Accounts
At Century Bank and Trust we offer a variety of savings options to help your business grow. Whether you are in search of a money market savings account or health savings accounts for your employees, we have the options ready to meet your needs.

Zero Balance Accounts
A zero balance account may maximize your company’s use of funds and increase your account control by eliminating the need to track balance levels and funding requirements. Ideal for payroll accounts, or special funding accounts that need to be separately tracked. Contact one of our customer service representatives to learn more.

Public Fund Checking
Public Fund Checking is available to public entities, including state or federal government agencies, local municipalities, and public agencies. This account is ideal for those organizations with high checking activity or that require treasury services. An earnings credit allowance is set based on balances that can reduce or eliminate service charges.

Direct Payment Services (ACH)
If you receive recurring payments from your customers, Direct Payment services can streamline the process of collecting receivables and processing payments, saving you time and money and improving your cash flow.

Remote Deposit
Scan it, send it, never leave your business! Gone are the days of driving to the bank to make check deposits. Remote Deposit allows you or your employees to deposit checks received directly into your business account remotely.

Credit Card Processing (Merchant Services)
Merchant Services from Banc Card provides a way for businesses to accept a variety of payment methods at the point-of-sale or online.

Lock Box Processing
Reduce mail and deposit processing times for your accounts receivable payments when you utilize our lockbox service. We will contract to pick up your checks daily from a post office box and make your deposits- saving you time and costly trips to the bank. Interested in learning more? Contact us for a free Lock Box Processing Analysis to see how we can help your business today!

Corporate Cash Concentration (ACH)
Cash Concentration services provide an efficient method of consolidating deposits made by your company’s multiple locations, eliminating wire transfer expense, allowing your company to accumulate cash resources into one combined pool and minimizing excess balances throughout your banking relationships. Deposits made at a local financial institution can be electronically pulled and deposited into an account the following day.

Online Services

Century Bank offers a variety of online services to assist your business in streamlining everyday operations. Please visit our Business Online and Mobile Banking page to learn more.

Business Loan Services

Helping Your Business Grow – You work hard for your business and at Century Bank and Trust we are ready to work hard for you. Whatever your needs, we will work with you to create a flexible financing package that is tailored to meet your business’ specific needs. We are local lenders making local decisions!

*Loans are subject to credit approval.