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Banking Services

Century offers the following products and services to help you meet your financial needs.

From debit card design choices to rewards or low rate MasterCard® credit cards, notary public services, reloadable VISA cards and over 50 free financial calculators Century Bank and Trust makes banking easier for you.

Customize your accounts with the following services and choose just what you need to make your financial experience a success.
Bank 24/7 when it’s most convenient for you! Our debit and ATM Cards are accepted world-wide for easy access to your money, no matter where you travel. There are several Century Bank and Trust ATM's conveniently located throughout Branch, Hillsdale and St. Joseph Counties. To view a complete list of Century ATMs or to view them on a map visit our locations page.
Cashier’s Checks, also known as an “Official Check” are typically used for higher dollar purchases when a personal check is not accepted. Cashier's Checks can be purchased at any Century Bank and Trust Office. To find the office location nearest to you, visit our locations page.
Our personal credit cards offer a variety of options to suit just about anyone. 

Low-Rate Card’s Exclusive Benefit
Lower, competitive annual percentage rate (APR)**

Preferred Points Card Exclusive Benefit
Earn one point for each dollar spent on net purchases, up to 10,000 points per billing cycle.

  • Redeem rewards points for cash-back awards, retail gift cards, travel and a wide variety of merchandise (see brochure at our branch)
  • To view or redeem rewards points, visit www.mypreferredpoints.com or call 866-678-5191

Benefits Available To Both Card Types
  • Low introductory rate for first six months**
  • Same APR** for purchases and cash advances
  • Cash advances for up to 50% of the credit line
  • 25-day interest-free grace period on all purchases, no grace period on cash advances
  • 24-hour, toll-free, live customer assistance available at 800-367-7576
  • Online account information available 24/7 at www.cardaccount.net

Type in the information required and then print the application (you cannot save the document, so print an extra copy for yourself); or print it and then complete it using a blue or black pen. Paper applications are also available at any of our Century Bank and Trust offices. Fax your completed application to the Card Service Center at 972-650-7054.

Or mail your completed application to:
Card Service Center
P.O. Box 569120
Dallas, TX 75356-9120

**Please see application for information about current APRs and fees.
MasterCard® is a registered trademark of MasterCard® International Incorporated.
Our Debit MasterCard® looks like a credit card but acts like a check. With this card, you are able to make purchases at millions of locations worldwide that accept MasterCard®. The Debit MasterCard® also provides you with access to your funds through any ATM and free access through any Century Bank and Trust ATM.

MasterCard® is a registered trademark of MasterCard® International Incorporated.
Direct Deposit gives you the freedom to have your payroll, social security, dividend payments, or other income source deposited electronically in your checking or savings account. Your money will arrive quickly and safely into your account each and every time. Direct Deposit reduces the time spent having to drive to the bank to deposit your check, and eliminates the need to make special arrangements when absent or on vacation. If you are interested in setting up direct deposit, please contact your payer (employer, company, investment firm) to see if they offer direct deposit. If they offer direct deposit, ask them for an authorization form to get your direct deposit started.

If you need any help completing the direct deposit authorization form, please give us a call Toll Free at (866) 680-2265 or visit your local Century Bank and Trust office.

Century Bank and Trust's routing number is 072404883
A Medallion Stamp Guarantee is an official stamp used to verify ownership and authority for transfer of assets. Signature guarantees protect shareholders by preventing unauthorized transfers and possible investor losses and limit the liability of the agent who accepts the certificates.

In order to utilize this service you must be a customer of Century Bank and Trust. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a certified Medallion stamp holder.
Century Bank and Trust offers notary services at all lobby locations. A notary public is a public officer constituted by law to serve the public by authenticating the execution of certain classes of documents. Ask to speak to one of our state authorized notary public for this service.
Running low on checks? Save yourself time and order them online 24/7 from the convenience of your computer using Harland Clarke's secure website.

If you would like assistance in ordering checks, call 517-278-1500 or Toll Free 866-680-BANK and ask to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. Or contact us online today!
Is time of the essence? We can help with our wire transfer service. Get money transferred to any financial institution within the United States, usually on the same business day. Visit any of our walk in offices to request a wire transfer. To find the office nearest you, visit our locations page.
A great way to protect and secure your legal documents, family valuables, and other confidential items.

Safe Deposit Box Locations


100 W. Chicago St.
Coldwater, MI 49036
(517) 278-1500


25985 M-86
Nottawa, MI 49075
(269) 467-9615


108 N. Main St.
Reading, MI 49274
(517) 283-2148


109 W. Chicago St
Quincy, MI 49082
(517) 639-8800


300 W. Chicago St.
Sturgis, MI 49091
(269) 651-5491

Three Rivers

1310 W. Broadway
Three Rivers, MI 49093
(269) 273-3690

Box Size


Annual Fee $25
Annual Fee Discounted Rate $20*


Annual Fee $35
Annual Fee Discounted Rate $30*


Annual Fee $40
Annual Fee Discounted Rate $35*


Annual Fee $55
Annual Fee Discounted Rate $50*


Annual Fee $85
Annual Fee Discounted Rate $80*

*(With Automatic Debit From Checking or Savings)