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Financial Planning

The Trust and Investment Management Group

provides customized investment financial plans specific for your unique life stage. See why it’s easier to plan for your future with Century Bank and Trust.

With today’s constantly changing economic environment, making sense of your finances is more important than ever. Financial planning assistance is an integral part of our emphasis on helping families achieve complete benefit from their financial resources. Services include investment management, education planning, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning and everything in-between.
At Century, we can assist you with a lifetime of personal financial planning needs and the planning doesn’t stop after one meeting. The key step of financial planning is clearly defining your goals. Once goals are specified, you can prioritize and can estimate the time frame for reaching each goal. We will meet with you regularly to review your plan and ensure that it continues to meet your needs.

As the Trust and Investment Management Group, we will provide you with a disciplined based, unbiased and client-focused style of investing. You will enjoy a number of distinct stages with an Investment Managed Account.

  • Receive a tailored asset allocation mix for your specific needs. Understanding your objectives, income requirements, tax status, and personal attitudes so your portfolio will meet every market challenge and opportunity by being well diversified is our primary focus.
  • Our services are not transaction based. By linking the fee to the market value of your accounts, we are able to provide you with sound advice. With no financial stake in promoting any particular investment, we keep your best interest on the front line. 
  • Choose between a fully managed account with us and/or an account where you make the investment decisions. Whatever your needs, we will accommodate!

Specific needs call for specific solutions. Many personal financial objectives extend well beyond investment services. A trust may be the specific tool you need to achieve your goals. A trust allows Century Bank and Trust, as trustee, to manage your assets and affairs on your stated guidelines. 

  • Save money on your estate taxes
  • Finance your children’s education 
  • Support an elderly family member 
  • Arrange charitable donations 
  • Asset management if you are deemed disabled 
  • Investment management for your family after your death

There are two types of charitable trusts, the charitable remainder and the charitable lead trust. A charitable remainder trust allows you to give to a charity now, but the gift is awarded after you or another income beneficiary have received the income from the gift for life or a certain number of years. A charitable lead trust allows the charity to benefit first. The charity receives the income during the term you set for the trust. At the end of the term, your non-charitable beneficiary receives the ownership of the trust property. 

  • Can provide income, gift, and estate-tax savings
  • Complete assistance through the entire Charitable Trust set-up process 

Century Bank and Trust is able to provide many services through the administering of your Conservatorship Account.

  • Individual portfolio management 
  • Bill paying service 
  • Income collection 
  • Income and principal distributions (if permitted) 
  • Maintenance of tax accounting records 
  • Statements detailing assets and transactions 
  • Asset safekeeping