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Mobile Wallet

Upgrade your Wallet

The Easy, Secure and Private Way to Pay!

Checkout with a wave of your mobile device using Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® or Android Pay®. By linking your Century Bank and Trust debit card to one of these digital payment options you can shop in-store, in-app or online from the convenience of your mobile device.
What is a digital wallet? It’s an application (app) that you can download to your mobile device, or it may already be built into it. The Digital Wallet app allows you to pay for purchases without having to physically carry your wallet or a card with you.
Depending on the options on your device, a digital wallet can provide you a place to store and organize coupons, loyalty programs, payment cards, tickets, car insurance identification, and anything else that can be turned into a digital item from its original paper or plastic form.
It’s easy to securely and conveniently keep your Century Bank and Trust MasterCard® Debit Card information on your smartphone, tablet or your smartwatch digital wallet. Once your debit card information is stored in your Digital Wallet, you can make payments simply by tapping or scanning your device anywhere mobile payments are accepted.
Below is a list of currently supported digital wallets available for your Century Bank and Trust Debit Card:


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